Our warmest and most heartfelt gratitude for two new Sponsors this fortnight.

First, we welcome the support of Sir Fendrel of Ascona, a practitioner of a wonderful new way to cure those afflicted by Daemons or ill Humours. This industrious and learned man, with the aid of his plump and ever-hungry Leeches, can relieve the imbalance in your blood that underlays these maladies. But mention this Page and have three drams bled out for price of two.

A Griffin

Our second magnanimous sponsor is The Huffington Post. This stout wooden beam, erected upon the outskirts of Huffing-town, is the most marvelous collection of Notices and Pictures. At present time an intriguing set of Posters may be found there, entitled ‘The Two-And-Twenty Most Compassionate Ladies of the Realm’. Indeed the number of new flyers to be seen on the Post is nigh wondrous, check back often for new Contente.

Blessings to you, sponsors, and all who deem it wise to patronize ye.


A Griffin, about 1250 - 1260, English
Digital images courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program

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