An Unicks Bestiary

Table of Contentes

  1. ls -ltr
    conjuring a fantastic kind of Time Reversal from ‘ls’, the Lister of Stuffs
    published 12 October 2013
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    please patronize our sponsors: Margrave Archibald Hugh of Carantania, and Square-Space
    published 13 October 2013
  3. cat -vet
    catapulting the secret & hidden characters in a File
    published 21 October 2013
  4. Wyld Kingdom: lions
    did thou know — lions are born dead and brought to life 3 days later by their father’s breath
    published 24 October 2013
  5. grep -c
    divining the number of matches and being case insensityve with ‘grep’
    published 28 October 2013
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    published 31 October 2013
  7. tail -F
    catching and following the tail of a File, even when it rolls o’er
    published 04 November 2013
  8. Wyld Kingdom: panthers
    did thou know — when panthers roar, from their mouth comes a very sweet odour
    published 07 November 2013
  9. wc -l & nl
    discerning the number of Lines with ‘wc’, numbering them with ‘nl’
    published 11 November 2013
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    published 14 November 2013
  11. mkdir -p
    creating and destroying Directories within Directories within Directories et cetera
    published 24 November 2013
  12. Wyld Kingdom: beavers
    did thou know — beavers bite off their testicles to save themselves from hunters
    published 28 November 2013
  13. for
    looping with ‘for’, be it on static values, filenames globb’d, or commands backtick’d
    published 01 December 2013
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    published 05 December 2013
  15. while
    looping with ‘while’, be it Infinitely, with value script’d, or counted by ‘let’
    published 15 December 2013
  16. Wyld Kingdom: bonnacons
    did thou know — bonnacons shoot flaming-hot bowel fumes several acres in self defense
    published 19 December 2013
  17. cut
    slicing and dicing your Files with the keen cutlery blades of ‘cut’
    published 09 February 2014
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    published 16 February 2014
  19. tail -f | grep
    filtering the followed tail of a File with ‘grep’, for one or many things
    published 23 February 2014
  20. Wyld Kingdom: hedgehogs
    did thou know — hedgehogs impale grapes on their back & have two ventilation ducts
    published 02 March 2014
  21. cd - and oldpwd
    changing directory back and forth and back and forth, and seeing the past with $OLDPWD
    published 09 March 2014
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    published 16 March 2014
  23. diff and cksum
    comparing files, singly or myriad, and also those on diff’rent Computers
    published 30 March 2014
  24. Wyld Kingdom: pelicans
    did thou know — pelicans murder their young & resurrect them 3 days later with their own blood
    published 06 April 2014
  25. banner and Mac tips
    separate your output with ‘banner’ and select text in the OS X Terminal in wondrous ways
    published 27 April 2014
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    published 04 May 2014