Our warmest and most heartfelt gratitude for two new Sponsors this fortnight.

First let us welcome the generous support of Lord Wolfswinkel of Norwich, a comely lad of just ten-and-five years who is bearing up surprisngly well under the grief of his father’s untimely passing. Doubtless the immense estates, holdings, and fortune that Lord Wolfswinkel inherited went some distance in assuaging his loss in this time of bereavement. Though the lion’s share of sudden profligacy emanating from Wolfswinkel Hall has gone to ale and food for elaborate feasts, yet we are pleased that the young Lord hath heeded his tax advisors and met our sponsorship minimum.

A Salamander

We also extend tidings of deepest gratitude to Visible, your premier source for books-on-paper. Visible has the largest selection of visible books, nigh on thirteen at last count. Thou shalt have access to them at any time and any place, so long as the time is between noon and dusk on the first Sunday of the month and the place is their stand in the bazaar next to the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew the Symettrical. Stop by soon and simply mention Offer Code Unicks IV to enroll in a free trial and receive your first page absolutely free. Remaining pages will be provided as soon as they may be copied out by Visible’s diligent monks.

Blessings to you, sponsors, and all who deem it wise to patronize thee.


A Salamander, about 1270, Franco-Flemish
Digital images courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program

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