Our warmest and most heartfelt gratitude for a fine new Sponsor this fortnight: South Chi South West.

This fair fest, known to some by the nick-name SXSW, celebrates and promotes those in the Musick and Theatre professions. In its one hundred and thirteenth year, this event promises to be bigger and better than ever. Simply buy or barter for one of the large cloth badges which can be easily stitched to thy tunic or cape, and gain Access to all events. Many folk wise and famous will attend, mayhap you will meet them in Person. It is e’en rumoured that young Princess Ga-Ga, heiress to the immense holdings of Lord Sir Ga-Ga of Tramham Moor, will make a surprise appearance!

The Elevation of the Host

This year will also see expansion into exciting new Professions, aside from those of the Harp and the Stage. Most notable is a new segment of the conference known as SXSW Inquisition. Featuring speakers and demonstrations of the latest Techniques in this burgeoning field, large numbers are expected to turn out to learn more and try their hand on the demonstration heretics. Admittance to these additional new events does require the Gilded Badge of the Most Blessed, but the additional price will assuredly be worth every farthing.

Blessings to you, South Chi South West, and all who deem it wise to patronize ye.


The Elevation of the Host, between 1389 and 1404, Italian
Digital images courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program

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