Our warmest and most heartfelt gratitude for two new Sponsors this fortnight.

First, we welcome the support of Lady Ayradeere of Solothurn, who hath graced our humble village with her recent visit. Though her itinerary was so well-packed with engagements in neighboring townes that her carriage was unable to stop, nay even to slow down in the least, still her warm and compassionate presence was felt by all. Not least of which old Cecil, one of her biggest fannes, who could not be more proud of the scars left by her drivers’ whips as they charg’d full speed through the crowd gathered to adore her. Many thanks to thee, and don’t be a stranger, Lady Ayradeere.


Our second benefactor of late is MailChimp. The Castle Menagerie was already a thing of wonder before the arrival of Flatagast the Chimpanzee. Even if he were only a plain Chimpanzee our happiness in visiting his cages would be ample. And so to have a marvelous Chimpanzee who loves to be dressed in knight’s raiment, shield and mail, our fortune is truly something to behold. Don’t miss a chance to visit our very own Mail-Chimp. Take him a small Gourd to eat, he loves those.

Blessings to you, sponsors, and all who deem it wise to patronize ye.


Apes, about 1250 - 1260, English
Digital images courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program

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