Our warmest and most heartfelt gratitude for two new Sponsors this fortnight.

To begin, let us welcome the brave and beneficent William le Gross, 2nd Earl of Aumale to our fine parade of proud sponsors. After spending perhaps overmuch time in the abbey Library, Sir William has decided that his Fate is to organize an armored force and strike forth upon a new Crusade. He plans to rally under banners reading, "This Time Certainly We Must Prevail, Right?". If thy interest lies in supporting the Honorable Sir William, either financially or spiritually, his knights may be found praying in the Cathedral, or telling their loved ones Good Bye.

A Weasel

Our next sponsor and most generous benefactor is the cunning new Fishing and Trapping Service now available in our Village, which is called Net-Flicks. For the slight fee of just seven shillings and ninety-nine per annum, you may use one of their fine hand-crafted woven nets to catch anything under the Sun that runs, or swims, or flies. And if ever you require a Net of some other size, or texture, or heft, simply return it in the red burlap sack to a nearby Net-Flicks shoppe, and your new Net will be sent around by errand boy afore eventide the second day following. Some Restrictions may apply, Voide where Prohibited by decree of the King or the Pope.

Blessings to you, sponsors, and all who deem it wise to patronize ye.


A Weasel, about 1270, Franco-Flemish
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